These strategies, detailed below, help faith-focused groups rethink their food ministries with a focus on lasting, positive impacts for – and with – those in most need.  


Training and Technical Assistance: 

  • We provide training and technical assistance, free-of-charge, to help launch or strengthen efforts to increase healthy food access and grow local food economies.
  • We support project planning, grant writing, budgeting, evaluation and more.
  • We provide skills building workshops in community and youth engagement, volunteer management and other topics to strengthen community programming. We also offer a variety of workshops to strengthen skills and promote replication of successful strategies.

Small Grants:

We provide small grants to fund innovative projects that improve local economies and access to healthy foods. We can share strategies to develop effective projects and help you connect with other resources. Projects might include supporting innovative buying programs to reach vulnerable populations; teaching food preservation using local produce; launching farm-to-table programs that highlight local growers; and more.


We help churches and faith-based groups engage with one another, community groups and the resources they need to serve their communities.

Resourceful Communities is uniquely positioned to help organizations in North Carolina because of our unique triple bottom line approach, which strengthens community resilience and self-sufficiency.