On behalf of the farmers, The Conservation Fund has purchased 20 acres of farmland, which also includes a large steel utility building, storage garages, and a single-family home. The utility structure will be  converted to a wash and pack facility and plans call for construction of  a new greenhouse. Located in unincorporated South Cook County  near Sauk Village, this farm is strategically located close to Chicago  markets and wholesale buyers. The farm team has immediate access to the farm under a flexible lease. They will meet key financial benchmarks and make infrastructure investments identified in their business plans — putting them in a position to purchase the farm from The Conservation Fund within 3 years after a farmland conservation easement is secured.

Using a Buy-Support-Protect-Sell model, the Working Farms Fund is providing Chicago Urban Farm Solutions with immediate access to farmland, and a pathway to affordable farmland ownership.


Chicago Urban Farm Solutions are dedicated to providing healthy, fresh, organically grown produce in Chicagoland.


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