Driven by a commitment to increase access to naturally grown foods, Atlanta Harvest sells primarily to food insecure communities in Atlanta where fresh, healthy options are limited. To meet the demand for local food access, Atlanta Harvest sought to expand their grass-fed livestock production through the Working Farms Fund.

By acquiring the 90-acre cattle farm in Milner, Georgia, The Conservation Fund more than tripled Atlanta Harvest’s productive acres. The Atlanta Harvest team is committed to transforming the property into an ecologically vibrant farm using sustainable farming practices such as organic pest management, water quality protection, rotational grazing, and species diversity. Atlanta Harvest’s new livestock products will be sold through their food hub to food insecure neighborhoods of Atlanta, through their CSA program, and to local restaurants. Using a Buy-Support-Protect-Sell model, the Working Farms Fund is securing and permanently protecting the property as farmland, making the farmland affordable for Atlanta Harvest, and providing the farm business a patient pathway to farm ownership.


Atlanta Harvest is a family owned and operated farm that uses organic production to increase access to healthy, locally grown, farm fresh food for distressed communities, while also to mobilizing collective action, cultivating passion, driving innovation, and creating dignifying work opportunities.