Our Land Conservation Loan Program assisted Atlanta BeltLine Inc. (ABI), the entity overseeing the planning and execution of the BeltLine, with the purchase of a 1.7-acre property along the proposed corridor. This property provides a critical connection between the northern and southern portions of the Atlanta BeltLine greenspace network. Historically, these two areas of Atlanta have been physically separated by expansive industrial uses that limit connectivity.

Our Atlanta office is also working closely with ABI to assist with priority acquisitions for the trail corridor and adjacent greenspace and connecting trails. As we continue our longstanding partnership with the City of Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation to expand parks and greenspace around metro Atlanta, many of our new acquisitions for the Parks Department are the priorities of neighborhoods seeking to expand their trails and parks to connect to the Beltline.


Atlanta historically has had one of the nation’s lowest percentages of park space per capita. However, the goal of the Atlanta BeltLine is to increase the city’s greenspace by 40 percent. Nearly a quarter of Atlanta’s population lives near some portion of the BeltLine planning area, giving them direct access to recreation trails and improving their overall quality of life.

Our work with Atlanta BeltLine Inc. builds on our decade-long effort to expand park space in Atlanta. Utilizing a multifaceted approach to conservation, we have over the years deployed our conservation training and community engagment, as well as our experts in strategic conservation planning, conservation acquisitions and business partnerships, to bring together corporate and community partners and realize a vision for Atlanta that skillfully blends the built and natural environment, giving opportunities for all Atlantans to enjoy the outdoors


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