WFF Partners and InvestorsWe cannot do this work alone. Working Farms Fund builds a more resilient food system through long-term investments in next generation farm businesses. We anticipate protecting at least 20,000 acres of farmland, launching 200 farm businesses, and supporting strong rural farm networks through its Working Farms Fund in the next 20 years alone. Investment in one farm will roll forward into new projects every 3 to 5 years, multiplying the initial capitalization 5 times over the next 20 years and you can be part of this resilient future.

The Working Farms Fund’s initial revolving fund capital will be dedicated to:

1. Acquiring small to mid-sized farms (20 to 500 acres) facing development threat
2. Matching that farmland with the next generation of diverse and ambitious farmers who need a patient pathway to land access and support to grow their markets and businesses.
3. Permanently conserving the farmland with public funding through the purchase of a conservation easement.
4. Selling the protected, and more affordable farmland to the farmer.

Want to support the Working Farms Fund? Here are some ways you can contribute to a more sustainable food future:

  • Donate to The Conservation Fund (write “Working Farms Fund” in your donation). A gift to the Working Farms Fund will help us buy and protect more working farmland, and invest in sustainable farm practices for our farmers.
  • Become a corporate partner. Are you a business that is looking for food-related partnerships? Reach out to to inquire.

  • Meet our farmers, and support their farms directly. Or shop local and support your local farmers.


Key Partner: Emory University

The Working Farms Fund is currently being piloted in metro Atlanta, where we’ve built a partnership with Emory University. As an investment for the health of their students and hospital patients, Emory has agreed to purchase the food produced by Atlanta farmers in the Working Farms Fund program, ensuring equitable demand for the farmers. Learn more about our innovative partnership with Emory University.