The challenge is global, and here in America our forests are being irretrievably lost at a staggering rate.

Photo credit: Ivan LaBianca

Although the challenge is great, we believe there is an incredible opportunity to reverse the tide and bolster the power forests can provide in addressing the climate crisis.


Our Working Forest Fund® has already acquired over 760,000 acres of at-risk forests across America. Our vision is to protect five million acres of high-conservation-value forests by 2030—forests that will forever clean our air and water, absorb greenhouse gases and provide places for people to connect with nature.


Through sustainable forest management, we ensure trees are able to grow larger and absorb more carbon dioxide. And by working at the intersection of philanthropy and commercial capital, we are able to leverage the latest innovations in forest protection, technology and capital formation to realize the full potential of what U.S. forests can help us achieve for our climate.