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The 2017 Aquaculture Innovation Workshop
November 29-30, 2017

The Morris J. Wosk Centre and the Delta Vancouver Suites
Vancouver, British Columbia


2016 Aquaculture Innovation Workshop

FI Steve SummerfeltPictured: Steve Summerfelt, Freshwater InstituteNearly 250 people representing almost 10 countries gathered in Roanoke, Virginia, Aug. 19-20 for The Conservation Fund Freshwater Institute’s 2016 Aquaculture Innovation Workshop (AIW), hosted concurrently with Virginia Tech’s International Conference on Recirculating Aquaculture (ICRA).  

The bi-annual ICRA—the 11th in the past 22 years—and the 8th Aquaculture Innovation workshop combined forces this year to bring together stakeholders from all facets of the RAS industry.

View presentations and videos from the 2016 AIW below:

Day 1 Presentations

Keynote presentation: "Benchmarking, Ecolabeling and Seafood Watch: How, Why and What Does It Mean?" John Volpe, University of Victoria, Canada

"Commercially Available All-Female Atlantic Salmon"
Jonas Jonasson, Stofnfiskur, Iceland

"New Techniques to Create Non-Maturing Fish"
Yonathan Zohar, University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA

"Knowing Your Market: Finfish Consumers"
Carol Engle, Engle-Stone Aquatic$

"Ike Jime: Lessons from the Japanese Method of Humane Harvesting to Optimize the Eating Quality of Atlantic Salmon"
Andrew Tsui, Ike Jime Federation, LLC, USA and John Davidson, Freshwater Institute, USA

"A Producer and Distributor Collaborative Approach to Ensure Great Tasting Fish for the Marketplace"
Cathal Dineen, Kuterra and Musleh Uddin, Albion Seafoods

"Hudson Valley Fish Farm's Land Based Steelhead RAS Project"
Samuel Chen, Hudson Valley Fish Farm, USA

"Sustainable Blue's Land Based Atlantic Salmon RAS Project--Salmon Performance Update and Expansion Plans"
Kirk Havercroft, Sustainable Blue, Canada

"Kuterra's Land Based Atlantic Salmon RAS Project"
Garry Ulstrom, Kuterra Limited Partnership, Canada

"Altantic Sapphire's Land Based Atlantic Salmon RAS Projects in Denmark and USA"
Thue Holm, Atlantic Sapphire, USA

Day 2 Presentations

"CtrlAQUA Research to Optimize RAS for Atlantic Salmon Post-Smolt Production"
Bendik Fyhn Terjesen, NOFIMA, Norway

"UBC InSEAS Research Program to Determine Optimal Salinity Conditions for Atlantic and Coho Salmon Growth in RAS"
Colin Brauner, UBC, Canada

"Effects of Photoperiod on Atlantic Salmon Post-Smolt in Freshwater Closed-Containment Systems and Atlantic Salmon Growout on a Zero Fish Meal, Zero FIFO, and Non-GMO Diet in Freshwater Closed-Containment Systems"
Christopher Good and Steven Summerfelt, Freshwater Institute, USA

"What Size to Harvest Rainbow Trout/Steelhead in RAS? Consider Growth Rate, Feed Conversion, Fillet Yield, Fatty Acid Deposition, and Production Efficiency"
Beth Cleveland, USDA Agricultural Research Service

"Trends in Sustainable and Practical Salmon and Trout Feeds"
Jason Mann, EWOS/Cargill

"Examining Resource Use for Feed Crops: Challenges and Opportunities for Aquaculture"
Jillian Fry, Center for a Livable Future, Johns Hopkins University, USA

"Salmon Transfer: Options for Pumping Entire Tank to Grade/Harvest"
Ragnar Joensen, Marine Harvest, Faroe Islands

"Mortality Removal"
Ragnar Joensen, Marine Harvest, Faroe Islands and Steve Summerfelt, Freshwater Institute, USA

"Survey: Use of Large Circular Tanks in Norwegian Salmon Smolt and Post-Smolt Facilities, Plus Hydrodynamic Modeling of Tanks"
Steven Summerfelt, Freshwater Institute, USA and Jagan Gorle, Nofima, Norway

"Challenging the Status Quo--Opportunities for Innovation"
Marius Haegh, Veolia Water, Norway

RAS Innovation Discussion Panel
Gary Robinson, Kuterra Limited Partnership; Kirk Havercroft, Sustainable Blue; Samuel Chen, Hudson Valley Fish Farm; Marius Haegh, Veolia Water; Bjarne Hald Olsen, Billund Aquaculture; Ragnar Joensen, Marine Harvest

AIW Closing Remarks
Eric Patel, Tides Canada

Watch all 2016 AIW videos here>>

The Aquaculture Innovation Workshop series is a product of the Tides Canada Salmon Aquaculture Innovation Fund with collaborative and financial support from the following partners:

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