We bring strategic conservation expertise to communities, government leaders, and industry across the country to achieve the multiple benefits from investing in clean air, clean water, habitat, climate resilience and adaptation, and community livability.

We help communities identify their conservation priorities and goals, recommend high impact, cost effective implementation strategies, and help build the capacity of communities to fulfill their conservation visions.

Through the use of maps, GIS modeling, and valuing the economic benefit of ecosystem services, we strategically evaluate areas for land protection and stewardship as well as identify opportunities to integrate planning for green and gray infrastructure. 

Our projects illustrate our strategic focus on the following themes:

Urban / Metropolitan Sustainability

    • We are an active partner in many ongoing urban conservation initiatives including the Urban Federal Waters Partnership, the Metropolitan Greenspaces Alliance, the One Water Leadership Summit, and the Ecological Places in Cities initiative. 

Green Infrastructure Plans

    • We offer a best-in-class planning solution to create comprehensive green infrastructure plans across multiple scales, from small watersheds to multi-state regions. Visit the Greenprint Resource Hub to learn how greenprints can be utilized to identify strategic conservation opportunities in communities.

Food Security / Farmland Protection

    • We offer asset mapping and analysis of food systems to better understand how working farms fit within a region’s green infrastructure.

Strategic Mitigation

    • We offer agencies and industry with best-in-class solutions to achieve their mitigation and environmental stewardship goals. 

Climate Resiliency / Water Resources

    • We offer a variety of solutions for climate mitigation, adaptation, and implementation of projects that protect water resources and make communities more resilient.

We provide custom tailored tools to help solve complex planning problems:

  • Green infrastructure networks / landscape design
  • Regional conservation visions
  • Ecosystem service valuation
  • Rapid open space assessments
  • Strategic conservation guidance
  • Implementation / acquisition targeting
  • GIS decision support tools and map services
  • Optimization models for cost effective decision making
  • Structured decision tools using the Logic Scoring of Preference method