June 29, 2023

The Conservation Fund Applauds Forest Legacy Program’s Latest Investments and Milestone

“The Conservation Fund commends the Forest Service’s Forest Legacy Program, which has worked collaboratively with the states, private landowners and conservation organizations, including The Conservation Fund, to conserve 3 million acres of critical forestlands that underpin local communities and timber economies across the United States.

“The Conservation Fund is honored to highlight our partnership in conjunction with the Forest Service’s announcement today of new and significant forestland conservation investments — including funding from both the Land and Water Conservation Fund and the Inflation Reduction Act — to protect more and one island territory. These projects represent important forestland and community investments that yield numerous conservation benefits for people, wildlife and fish habitat, along with providing critical natural climate adaptation and mitigation solutions.

“To illustrate the value of these investments, I would point to two exemplary Forest Legacy Program projects that The Conservation Fund is advancing: the Mt. Adams Forest project in Washington state and the Big Sioux River Forest project in South Dakota. The Mt. Adams project will protect nearly 6,400 acres, and the Big Sioux River Forest project will conserve 215 acres. Both projects exemplify the program’s commitment to preserving economically and ecologically significant private forestlands, all while supporting local economies and broadening recreation opportunities.

“The Conservation Fund applauds the Forest Service’s dedication to collaborative efforts that protect and sustain our America’s forest resources for future generations, while enhancing fish and wildlife habitat. With continued investments from the Land and Water Conservation Fund and the Inflation Reduction Act — as supported by Congress — we are committed to partnering with the Forest Legacy Program to conserve millions more acres of forestland across the United States.”

About The Conservation Fund
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