How Giftlands Benefit You 

  • Giftland properties—most often lands without conservation value—can be donated to The Conservation Fund (a 501c3) and are fully tax deductible, per the IRS. 

  • Our Giftlands program is strategically positioned to help our business partners achieve some of their ESG goals, while simultaneously addressing strategic divestment needs. 

  • Giftland donations help aid financial performance with cash flow and asset returns on non-performing real estate assets.

How Giftlands Benefit America’s Lands and Waters 

  • When we sell the Giftland(s), proceeds are placed in our Revolving Fund, a financial vehicle that provides ready capital for the purchase of lands and waters of high conservation value. This most often occurs when our federal or state partners are awaiting government funding. We step in and buy the land until they can pay us back.

  • The funds are continually in use for conservation, and upon repayment, we place the money back into our Revolving Fund. Every dollar in the Revolving Fund is used to acquire more land—no overhead, no administrative expenses. In this way, our funds are always working for conservation.

Results to date 

Since our founding in 1985, The Conservation has completed 145 Giftland projects generating nearly $100 million of purchasing power for the Revolving Fund that we have harnessed to conserve more than eight million acres. We have accepted a wide array of properties—raw land; mineral and water interests; farm and timber lands; partial ownership interests; office buildings; factories; residential estates; going concerns; brownfields; and coal mining facilities.

We can focus your donation on specific regions or geographies with a Giftlands donation of $1M or more. 

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