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Conservation is no longer an issue that can be left to a few concerned citizens. What happens to our lands today affects every American. 
For the last 30 years, we have crafted innovative conservation solutions by bringing together all parties—residents, businesses, funders and governments—to meet the needs of our communities, balancing both environmental goals and economic needs.
Now is the time for all hands on deck!

When faced with the pressing needs of communities across the country, like access to fresh food, addressing the consequences of sea level rise, the loss of forestland, or lack of open space for children to play, we need to act quickly. Acre by acre, block by block, tree by tree—every project we do is vital to the communities that depend on them, and each one tells a story of the benefits that ripple out and touch us all.

Lindsay Street Park

All Associates Day at Lindsay Street Park site in Atlanta. Photo by Whitney Flanagan, The Conservation Fund.

We’re digging in around the country to bring open space to those who lack it, like the first community park in an underserved neighborhood  and the addition of native trees to a city’s only waterside forest

Farmer's market

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. Photo by Whitney Flanagan, The Conservation Fund.

We’re preparing for the future, adapting to sea level rise and climate change on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and raising funds to protect precious forestlands at risk of development in New England

David Graham Wolf, Deputy Director, Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust. Courtesy Photo.

We’re also lending a hand to find smart conservation solutions, like loans that help create cleaner air and groundwater in our nation’s cities and bring local food to communities lacking fresh and healthy options.

All hands on deck for the future of nature.  Photo by Hannah Dewey.



These are just a few of the hundreds of communities we helped this year. That’s why we need all hands on deck. Thank you for raising your hand and making an impact! We could not do this without you!



Alisa Borland
Alisa Borland Arlington, VA
(703) 525-6300

Vice President of Development Alisa Borland joined the Fund in 2004 and has overseen the organization’s fundraising during eight consecutive years of top charity rankings. Alisa holds a M.S. in Nonprofit Management from Eastern University and a B.A. from the University of Maryland.