In central Illinois, the counties of Vermilion and Champaign have started an ambitious effort to create a 24.5-mile rail trail that weaves through several communities between east Urbana and Kickapoo State Park near Danville. Already backed by the state of Illinois, several biking groups, local businesses and other organizations, this trail is gaining momentum throughout the community. We’re helping the trail come to life with a loan to the Vermilion County Conservation District for the purchase of a nearly 12-mile segment of the proposed trail. When construction is complete, it will transform the region’s trail system.

“The Kickapoo Trail has been 20 years in the making, but it hasn’t gotten off the ground until recently, thanks, in part, to the loan from The Conservation Fund. This trail is the first of its kind for the area, and we’re excited to see what new opportunities it can bring for tourism and our economy.”

—Ken Konsis, Executive Director, Vermilion County Conservation District