Transplanting Traditions Community Farm helps immigrant and refugee communities use their farming traditions to grow healthy produce on a four-acre parcel of protected land owned by Triangle Land Conservancy. Transplanting Traditions also provides training in sustainable agriculture practices and entrepreneurial skills, preparing participants to sell their food at farmer’s markets, to restaurants and stores, and to local families through a community-supported agriculture program.

More than 140 adults, teens and children have participated in the farm’s activities, increasing skills and family revenue. Transplanting Traditions and Triangle Land Conservancy are growing their partnership to ensure that immigrant and refugee farmers can have a place to connect to people with a shared culture, feed their families more effectively, and earn a living from the land.

Furthering the Mission

TTCF Market Jagmeet MacTransplanting Traditions Community Farm Market.Support from the Fund’s Resourceful Communities Program has helped advance the work of Transplanting Traditions. In addition to a small grant through our Creating New Economies Fund, supported by the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, Resourceful Communities provided:

  • Free-of-charge technical assistance, which has advanced efforts to sustain community programming; and identified strategies to demonstrate the program’s impacts and broaden community support for this effort;
  • Facilitated discussions to strengthen the community-land trust partnership;
  • Ongoing participation in Resourceful Communities’ network to connect with other innovative community leaders and strengthen capacity.

A resourceful community is one that balances environmental sustainability, social justice and economic development. That’s our “triple bottom line” and it’s at the heart of the work we do with our growing network of 300 grassroots and community organizations across North Carolina.

Why This Project Matters

Conservation is more than saving land. It’s about preserving the connection people have with the land and sharing it across generations and cultures.