That’s why for the past 30 years we’ve led the way in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) research and technology. RAS technology makes it possible to grow fish on land, in tanks where water is continuously circulated and recycled in biosecure facilities that can be located anywhere. Watch this video to learn more about RAS.

And that’s why we were thrilled to work with our former Freshwater Institute colleague, Brandon Gottsacker, on the development of Superior Fresh.

Superior Fresh is a Wisconsin-based aquaponics company that will be the very first in the United States to commercially produce Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout at this scale using land-based RAS technology coupled with greens production. In a greenhouse located next to the RAS facility, Superior Fresh will repurpose waste from the fish to use as fertilizer to grow leafy greens such as romaine, spring mix, basil and much more. 

Our Role

The Freshwater Institute worked closely with Superior Fresh on the development of their 40,000 sq-ft (1-acre) RAS facility, providing the engineering design for the aquaculture systems and for the tie-in with the plant greenhouse. We also provided technical assistance and expertise throughout the two-year construction process for the facility, which will have the capability to produce more than 70 tons of fish annually.

Previous work by the Freshwater Institute helped to conserve the Cascade strain of Atlantic salmon that will be grown at Superior Fresh.  Brandon’s hands-on experience with that first generation of Cascades in intensive RAS convinced him to continue the line and bring the fish home for the Wisconsin project.   

Why this project matters

At The Conservation Fund, we know that protecting land and water resources is vital to supporting the food systems that communities depend on. Innovations such as RAS are making it possible to reimagine what local seafood looks like, and are providing an important first step toward a transformed food system where all consumers have access to local, healthy, sustainably grown seafood. And companies like Superior Fresh are at the forefront of making RAS seafood available to consumers across the country.

“There is a great deal of potential for the RAS industry. Consumers are paying attention to how their food is grown and what’s going into it. With RAS you have the opportunity to raise food sustainably, without pesticides or antibiotics, so fish are grown locally in a healthy and safe environment. That’s unique compared to other types of agriculture.”

-Brandon Gottsacker, Chief Operating Officer, Superior Fresh

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