However, pressure continues to increase on undisturbed landscapes, and Stehekin is no exception: nearly 25 acres of this secluded settlement was once targeted for condominium development.

That’s when the Fund, in partnership with the National Park Service (NPS) and local residents, worked to reach an agreement with the local landowner to preserve his land rather than develop it into condos. We helped acquire 25 acres on behalf of NPS so instead of condos, this land is part of the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area. Today, Stehekin remains the starting point for adventuring into Washington’s remote outdoors, including the area around Lake Chelan, the North Cascades National Park Complex and other “wild” areas.

Choices about public and private land use have become more complex and require new strategies for balancing social, economic and environmental interests. The Fund, with our dual mission to balance environmental and economic concerns, is uniquely positioned to work with interested parties on projects like the one in Stehekin.

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