Role of NCIF

SolFarm needed capital to grow in order to meet the new demand from the South Carolina homeowners. NCIF provided permanent working capital financing so SolFarm could obtain its South Carolina General Contractors license, purchase rolling stock, and add employees to serve an expanded geography.


Why This Project Matters

NCIF financing has helped SolFarm create “green jobs” and expand access to solar energy to more residential customers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. NCIF supports businesses like SolFarm that are having positive economic and environmental impacts, but may not qualify for traditional financing.  Since 2008, our Energy Efficient Enterprises Initiative has provided over $4 million in funding to over 30 businesses and helped dozens more obtain cost-share grants to buy down the cost of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. To learn more about our energy initiative, visit the Natural Capital Investment Fund website. 

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