All this activity has impacted the coast. We’ve drained and leveed waters, wiping out wetlands and altering the natural water flow in ways that make this region vulnerable to storms. Based on our conservation work in Louisiana—where we’ve protected more than 200,000 acres—we were invited to assist the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to think strategically about how to manage its remaining natural resources for wildlife.

The Plan

With our skills in strategic conservation, real estate acquisition, plan implementation and mapping, we helped the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries create a “master plan” for the state’s wildlife management areas and refuges. Together, we:

  • Inventoried and evaluated wildlife management areas (WMAs) and refuges.
  • Documented research potential among WMAs/refuges.
  • Evaluated capacity of existing conservation programs and partnerships.
  • Assessed expansion of WMAs/refuges and functional wildlife corridors.
  • Provided a green infrastructure network to inform LA DWF decision-makers. 
  • Developed a comprehensive implementation strategy. 

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