Both organizations have a deep concern for the culture and the economy of the communities where we work.  Both organizations understand that for conservation outcomes to persist, to be durable over generations, the solutions have to be supported socially and have to be economically achievable.  Critically both organizations share a boots-on-the-ground, waders-in the-water preference for action over talk, and getting to solutions over saying no.

Our Work

Together TCF and ASF recognized that a viable alternative to net-pen farming had to be developed in order to turn the tide of open ocean expansion.  The Freshwater Institute already developed land-based closed-containment aquaculture technology to produce trout, arctic char and yellow perch.  We put our resources together and we have produced thousands of pounds of premium quality farmed Atlantic salmon in freshwater, land-based, recirculation aquaculture systems.

We are working together to:

  • continue grow-out trials with high performing freshwater Atlantic salmon seedstock
  • host workshops in Atlantic Canada to transfer the expertise and technical information 
  • optimize harvest techniques to provide best product quality
  • conduct marketing research

New report available

ASF reportWe are not finished yet, there is more work to do, but the time to tell the first part of this story is here.  Our full report Freshwater Growout Trial of St. John River Strain Atlantic Salmon in a Commercial-Scale, Land-Based, Closed-Containment System is now available.