For forty years they have been inspiring and empowering Angelenos of all ages—from school children on up—to plant and care for trees and heal nature in the city and local mountains. Now with climate change bringing increasingly hotter temperatures and more droughts and flooding, their work has never been more urgent.

Over the next ten years, TreePeople’s goal is to activate a tipping point of Angelenos to increase tree canopy equitably to shade scorching streets and school yards, and to transform landscapes to harvest precious rainwater. Not only do they work at the grassroots level, but they are engaged with agencies and policy makers at the highest levels to influence long-term change in how the city manages and conserves its natural resources.

The Conservation Fund is helping TreePeople make this possible by refinancing a construction loan for their Center for Community Forestry through our Land Conservation Loan Program. This assistance frees up resources to direct to their vital work on the ground and in the board rooms of Los Angeles.

“Today’s financial climate made it extremely challenging for TreePeople to find favorable terms for the refinancing of our construction loan despite our solid track record. Now, thanks to The Conservation Fund’s refinancing, we can direct additional resources to running our programs that  involve more than 40,000 Angelenos a year in stewardship of the Los Angeles environment.”
— Tom Hansen, Executive Director, TreePeople.

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