By developing a set of recommendations to conserve the green infrastructure of Jefferson County, we have an opportunity to guide the pattern of future growth and development by incorporating green infrastructure into land use planning to provide a framework for sustainable development.

Incorporating community and professional comments, The Conservation Fund and The Freshwater Institute produced a report and datasets identifying the most valuable and vulnerable lands for protection and appropriate areas for development.

The benefits of this plan include:

  • Sustained Quantity and Quality of Ground and Surface Waters
  • Vital Agricultural Community and Working Landscapes
  • Preserved Cultural Legacy
  • Protected Habitat
  • Consideration of natural resource conservation, environmental and public health, and quality of life issues in the land use planning process
  • Provides predictability and certainty


  • Initial Scoping and Planning
  • Facilitate the process for including public and professional input
  • Develop Work Plan
  • Perform Geospatial Analysis
  • Revise Analysis Based on Public Input

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