We convened a leadership forum of 50 public and private conservation partners to prioritize conservation resources. Based on the results from the leadership forum and research for a green infrastructure network design, we developed actionable recommendations for the county, such as the development of key trails to connect the area.

Our efforts inspired local leaders to form the Friends of the National Forest and Grasslands, which used our green infrastructure plan in a successful bid to obtain a National Park Service grant to support trail development. The Angelina Trails Planning Project in Angelina County had made progress toward a goal of a 75-mile trail network connecting the towns of Lufkin, Diboll and Huntington with the area’s natural resources.

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Our Role 

Working with local partners, we were able to:
  • Map natural assets.
  • Identify specific conservation opportunities.
  • Bring together 50 public and private conservation partners.
  • Recommend steps to enhance economic development. 
  • Spark creation of Friends of the National Forest and Grasslands.
  • Inspire grants for trail development. 


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What Is Green Infrastructure?

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