Since 1998, the Fund has been helping communities with their efforts to conserve their special places. We’ve provided conservation financing to local land trusts to help them meet their conservation goals. One of our frequent partners is the Franklin Land Trust. Over the years our financing has helped them conserve more than 1,700 acres of fertile land in one of Franklin County’s most rapidly developing areas.

“We love working with The Conservation Fund because they are fast, efficient and user friendly. Not just a lender, but a partner in making conservation happen.”

—Kristin DeBoer, Executive Director of Kestrel Land Trust

Other projects include our work with the Deerfield Land Trust to protect more than 100 acres of farmland and our efforts to protect nesting and breeding habitat for dozens of bird species with the purchase of a 450-acre former tobacco farm straddling the border between Massachusetts and Connecticut. This latter project was made possible with key support from Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. The two states plan to restore and manage the property as a new wildlife management area.

The Fund works to save America’s favorite places by helping communities and organizations conserve the land that’s special to them. In Massachusetts our ongoing partnerships with land trusts is helping communities maintain their character while balancing the needs of development.