Preserving History

Our work began in 2011 with the protection of a 115-acre refuge of green pastures known as the Walters Farm, in Springettsbury Township near York. The property, about six miles from the Susquehanna River, was a new addition to the already established Camp Security Preservation Area. It features wooded areas and open fields with impressive panoramic views. Though the land sat practically undisturbed for more than two centuries, in the past decade development began to threaten these green pastures.

We continued our efforts in 2012 with the purchase of nearly 50 acres that was the primary site of Camp Security POW camp. This property is located adjacent to the 115-acre Rowe Farm, where a portion of the camp is believed to have been situated. After an extensive fundraising effort in partnership with the Friends of Camp Security, we were able to transfer this land to the Township in December 2013, completing the preservation of the historic footprint of the POW camp. York County, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and Springettsbury Township also provided funding for the project.

Starting in 2014, the Township will work with the Friends of Camp Security and the Pennsylvania Museum Commission to develop on-site interpretative information about the history of Camp Security.

Why This Project Matters

What makes saving Camp Security truly great is that, while preserving our history, it also offers outdoor recreation opportunities and larger environmental benefits in the region. About 8,000 people live within a 15-minute walk of Camp Security Park and tens of thousands more live within a 15-minute drive. These local residents now have open space to enjoy for hiking, picnicking and other outdoor activities.

Preserving this land also helps fulfill Pennsylvania’s commitment to protecting the Chesapeake Bay Watershed by promoting groundwater infiltration and better stormwater management in the area.

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