Our Role

In 2014, The Conservation Fund began assembling over 2,700 acres adjacent to Mount Mitchell and down into the Cane River valley. The site will also provide a new, more accessible northern terminus for the Black Mountain Crest Trail (the trail that was trekked as part of our Google Trekker program). One of the dozen peaks over 6,000 feet on this trail, Cattail Peak, is the fifth highest peak in the eastern U.S. at 6,583 feet and is currently the highest peak still in private ownership. In May of 2015, the Fund purchased this peak and the surrounding 1,300 acres to add to the conservation efforts in this area.

Why This Project Matters

The acreage adjacent to Mount Mitchell protects nearly a mile of frontage along the Cane River and over 30 miles of frontage along its tributaries. Within this site, the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program found an incredible diversity of 21 community types and numerous rare species. The project area will be an expansion of Mount Mitchell State Park, adjacent to Pisgah National Forest, and will provide additional habitat and recreational opportunities including environmental education programs, interpretive trails, backpacking, fishing,  camping and year-round facilities.

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