Our Role 

In 2013, when Big Timber was looking for financing to establish its brewery, Woodlands Community Lenders, a non-profit community development lender, referred Matt to NCIF. Woodlands was too small to provide all the capital that Big Timber needed, so NCIF’s loan was essential in providing the capital for Big Timber to purchase brewing equipment and renovate the building at 1210 South Davis Avenue in Elkins, which houses both the brewery and its taproom. Big Timber produced its first beer and opened its taproom in 2014, and its IPAs and Porters have become a popular choice in bars and tap rooms across the state.

Why This Project Matters

Big Timber has created four full-time and two part-time jobs and continues to grow. The taproom has become an important community gathering place and economic engine in Elkins, a town of just over 7,000 in central WV. And its beer is popular!  In 2016, Big Timber is renovating another building in Elkins to expand its brewery, which has outgrown its original location, and is using local West Virginia-grown hops in one of its signature brews.