Beyond conserving land, the Big Sur Land Trust provides opportunities for people to enjoy and experience the rugged landscapes of the central California coast that continue to inspire writers, artists and musicians. With its artist-in-residence programs, youth activities, stewardship projects and group hikes, Big Sur Land Trust is fostering a love for the natural world.

Our Role

Through our Land Conservation Loan Program, we provided Big Sur Land Trust with a loan to refinance its historic office building in Monterey, California. The Gabriel de la Torre Adobe, set in downtown old Monterey, was California’s first federal courthouse and dates back to the early 1840s. Big Sur Land Trust considers it a privilege to serve as stewards of such a historic building. It complements the land trust’s mission of conservation and preservation.

Why This Project Matters

With the interest saved from the refinancing of the loan on its historic office building, the Big Sur Land Trust hired an Outdoor Programs Coordinator, who organizes free year-round outdoor activities for underserved youth from the Valley—a historically high-density, low-income area with significant gang presence. Youth from these communities have limited access to outdoor experiential learning and little opportunity or desire to enjoy open space. Many of these teens have never camped or spent much time in the Great Outdoors. These experiences can be life changing and afford a young generation both awareness and appreciation of the environment.

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