The Millers were inspired to open the park by the thrills their son Zachary experienced swerving through rooted and rocky downhill trails on his mountain bike.

Using a loan from Natural Capital Investment Fund, the Millers purchased a 140-acre parcel that's perfect for downhill mountain biking. The property, previously approved for residential development, features over 1,000 vertical feet of elevation. In the near future, the park will also have camping and lodging options for those seeking an extended experience.

"We were happy to find a lender that could understand the vision we had to create an outdoor recreation space for our community," says Jennifer Miller, CFO.

In addition to providing a solution that does not diminish the natural beauty of the landscape, Bailey Mountain Bike Park will invigorate Madison County's economy by attracting regional, national and global bike enthusiasts.

"Mountain bikers are passionate people," says Miller. "To be part of that makes this a very special experience."

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