In the early days, Annie’s Bakery operated out of a garage in western North Carolina. But as business boomed for their old world-style bread—which uses only natural ingredients and contains no additives or preservatives—Joe and Annie had to expand their operations to meet the growing demand. 

Role of NCIF

After moving to a small retail space in downtown Sylva, North Carolina, they realized they needed more room. With loans from NCIF and Mountain BizWorks, Annie’s was able to expand to a 21,000 square foot space in Asheville.

And they kept growing. With major wholesale clients like Asheville’s Tupelo Honey Café and Earth Fare, Annie’s Bakery needed more equipment, such as a solar hot water heater, to scale their operations and make them more efficient, as well as working capital to order important ingredients for their bread at a more attractive price point. They turned to NCIF once again to help achieve this critical stage of growth, with another loan to fund their expansion. Annie’s bread is currently served in more than nearly 40 restaurants, including Asheville’s famed Grove Park Inn, and 40 retail locations in the Southeast. 


Why This Project Matters

Annie’s Bakery has become an economic engine for Western North Carolina. It supports local agriculture by sourcing wheat and other ingredients locally, provides 21 high-quality jobs, and uses natural resources responsibly—all adding up to a big impact on their local community, economy and the environment. 

Watch the video below featuring Annie's Bakery from their partner and customer Tupelo Honey Cafe:

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