Our Role

Operating a double-sided band mill, a double-sided Cooper Scragg mill, and 20 dry kilns, Inter-State manufactures primarily hardwood lumber and mouldings.  The company sources all its timber from Appalachia and is committed to sourcing only timber that has been sustainably harvested.   When Inter-State sought to take their commitment to sustainability even further by upgrading to more efficient LED lighting, they turned to NCIF for expertise in obtaining a USDA Rural Energy for American Program (REAP) grant that helped cover the cost of the project. 

And when it was time to replace four 30-year-old wood-fired dry kilns with new energy efficient ones, we paid for a consultant to help with an application for another REAP grant to make it possible. 

Why This Project Matters

NCIF’s assistance obtaining REAP grants allowed Inter-State to drastically cut its energy consumption. The LED lighting upgrades are expected to save nearly $3 million over the life of the bulbs, and the new kilns will burn 40 percent less wood.  All these environmentally positive benefits drop to the bottom line, too. Inter-State Hardwoods’ demonstrated commitment to protecting natural resources through sound business practices is what makes the company such an important economic engine in Bartow.

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