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Grant Writing for Beginners

Grant Writing for Beginners copy
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New to grant writing and feel overwhelmed by the grant application process? This playlist breaks up the process into manageable pieces and uplifts the most important facets of grant writing for beginners. We recommend you spend time watching all of the videos included here, but feel free to go at your own pace. This playlist includes the following sections:

  • Where to Find Funding
  • Funder Fit
  • Funder Cultivation
  • Grant Writing Checklist
  • Project Description
  • Building a Budget

Download the Grant Writing Checklist here, which is referenced in the Grant Writing Checklist video and is a great tool to reference in the future!

Virtual Peer Learning Visit: McDowell Local Food Action Council

Creating Community Food Access

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COVID-19 has upended our world in many ways—but communities have risen to the challenge and proven that necessity truly is the mother of innovation. Learn from McDowell Local Foods Action Council as they share their creative strategies for food access in western NC, and the many ways they continue to adapt to the ever-changing need. This information is useful for all organizations working to increase community food access.

Trails & Greenways Amid COVID-19: Highlighting Hayesville’s Success

Trails and Greenways

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COVID-19 has forced a lot of us indoors, but has also renewed interest in getting outside and enjoying some more isolated outdoor activities. For any organizations who have any interest in building a local trail or using cultural resources as a driver of health and economic development, we present to you the inspiration you need to kick it into gear: the story of Hayesville, NC, as told by Rob Tiger of Clay County Revitalization Association (CCRA)!

This 30-min virtual Peer Learning Visit focuses specifically on the building of Jackrabbit Trail and the partnerships that made it happen. This recording is suitable for any organization that is interested in learning more about the process of getting started with trail-building; it’s full of wisdom from Rob Tiger, who has been part of Hayesville’s renaissance from the start. We hope you are as inspired by their work as we are.

NC Pandemic Reimbursement Webinar

video trainings

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This informational webinar provides details on eligible expenses, acceptable proof of payment documentation, and how to fill out the application. Applications are due December 2, 2020. Reach out to Recourceful Communities if you have additional questions.


02:30—Overview of reimbursement opportunity

04:45—Documentation of expenses + Q&A on eligible expenses

13:10—Eligibility information

35:00—application run-through & additional Q&A