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About the Creating New Fund Economies Fund

Resourceful Communities’ small-grant program, the Creating New Economies Fund (CNEF), provides direct investment in community-based efforts. Seed money supports a range of projects: eco- and heritage tourism, youth conservation programs, farmers markets, alternative energy production and more. Additional information for applicants follows. Submit questions to

A portion of CNEF funds are available to help rural United Methodist Churches (UMCs) strengthen food ministries. UMCs are encouraged to contact a Faith and Food Coordinator, Justine Post ( or Jaimie McGirt (, or email to discuss potential projects.




Rural United Methodist Church applicants, click here for steps to get your church’s Federal Tax ID Number and a copy of the Group Ruling Letter from the IRS.

Download an Excel format budget template here.

For Creating New Economies Fund (CNEF) Applicants

  • Click here to view important dates for the 2019 Creating New Economies Fund grant cycle.
  • Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions about the 2019 Creating New Economies Fund grant cycle.
  • Click here to view the Creating New Economies Fund list of grantees.

For Creating New Economies Fund Grantees




How to Start a Community Garden

  • Click here for some key questions to ask before digging in.

 Triple Bottom Line

  • Need help understanding the triple bottom line, a requirement for all funded projects? Check out the video below and learn more by clicking here.

PROJECT BUDGETS AND Working with a Fiscal Agent

  • If your organization is not a nonprofit and you are working with a fiscal agent:
    • Click here to learn more about fiscal agents.
    • Click here to download a sample Memorandum of Understanding.
    • Please be sure to include non-cash support or in-kind support for your project.  Learn more here.
    • Questions about cashing checks?  Download this helpful guide.

Guide for Limited-Resources Farmers

  • Click here to view the Resource Guide for Limited Resource Farmers. It includes a variety of information on training, funding, networking and more.