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About the Creating New Fund Economies Fund

Resourceful Communities’ small-grant program, the Creating New Economies Fund (CNEF), provides direct investment in community-based efforts. Seed money supports a range of projects: eco- and heritage tourism, youth conservation programs, farmers markets, alternative energy production and more. Additional information for applicants follows. Submit questions to

A portion of CNEF funds are available to help rural United Methodist Churches (UMCs) strengthen food ministries.  UMCs are encouraged to contact our Faith and Food Coordinator, Justine Post, at or email to discuss potential projects.




Download an Excel format budget template here.

Watch this video for an overview of CNEF's application process and forms:

For Creating New Economies Fund (CNEF) Applicants

  • Click here  to view important dates for the 2018 Creating New Economies Fund grant cycle.
  • Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions about the 2018 Creating New Economies Fund grant cycle.
  • Click here  to view the Creating New Economies Fund list of grantees.

Check out this video for an overview of Resourceful Communities and the Creating New Economies Fund:

For Creating New Economies Fund Grantees



How to Start a Community Garden

  • Click here for some key quesitons to ask before digging in.

 Tripple Bottom Line

  • Need help understanding the triple bottom line, a requirement for all funded projects? Check out the video below and learn more by clicking here.

Working with a Fiscal Agent

  • If your organization is not a nonprofit and you are working with a fiscal agent:
    • Click here to learn more about fiscal agents.
    • Click here to download a sample Memorandum of Understanding.
    • Please be sure to include non-cash support or in-kind support for your project.  Learn more here.

Healthy Eating, Acting Living: Innovative Projects

  • Click here to view the Healthy Eating, Active Living guide. 
  • Planning a project? Click here to read about innovative ideas that advance community health. 

For Grassroots Organizations

  • Resourceful Communities administers an organizational assessment to grassroots groups to identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Email for more information.

Guide for Limited-Resources Farmers

  • Click here to view the Resource Guide for Limited Resource Farmers. It includes a variety of information on training, funding, networking and more.