Natural Capital Investment FundNatural Capital Investment Fund

Investing for Impact

NCIF supports locally-owned enterprises in Central Appalachia and the Southeast that create lasting jobs and community wealth, while using natural resources responsibly.  We provide the debt financing and advisory services they need to grow and expand.

NCIF is certified as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) by the U.S. Treasury. CDFIs are specialized financial institutions that serve borrowers in underserved communities who cannot meet the credit standards of traditional financial institutions because of perceived credit risk.

We measure and report annually on the environmental, community, and economic impacts that NCIF’s portfolio companies achieve. These vary from company to company and region to region, but include creating and retaining jobs; linking farm-to-table; utilizing natural resources responsibly; reinvesting in mainstreet; and reducing energy and waste.  

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A Targeted Geography

WhereWeWork NCIF mapWe serve businesses located in West Virginia; North Carolina; the Appalachian regions of Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio; South Carolina; and Georgia. NCIF focuses especially on businesses located in underserved rural and urban communities.

A Focus on Key Sectors

We are particularly interested in supporting companies in the following sectors:
  • value-added and sustainable agriculture,
  • renewable energy and energy efficiency,
  • sustainable forestry and forest products,
  • heritage and recreation-based tourism,
  • water conservation and treatment,
  • natural medicines and green products,
  • recycling and composting, and
  • essential community services (e.g. health clinic, daycare center).

Partnering for Success

NCIF partners with traditional lenders and other community development organizations to help entrepreneurs get the financing and support they need to grow their business.  We welcome referrals from lenders and the opportunity to participate in loans originated by them. As a non-regulated financial institution, we can be more flexible in how we structure our loans.