Natural Capital Investment FundNatural Capital Investment Fund
Natural Capital Investment Fund loans are designed to help businesses, non-profits and farms grow operations, increase profitability, create employment opportunities, and have positive environmental and community impact.

Loan size: $5,000 up to $500,000. 
NCIF also works with government agencies and partner lenders that provide capital and guarantees. This allows us to structure loans up to $4 million in some cases.

We structure our loans to meet the particular needs of a borrower. We can lend alone or participate with other lenders and funding sources.

The term and interest rate for loans differ for each company; we price our loans to reflect how risky our Investment Committee determines they are.

Most of our loans go to companies that have demonstrated commercial demand for their product or service. NCIF capital helps these companies:

  • acquire real estate
  • buy additional equipment
  • hire new staff to serve a growing market
  • increase working capital for inventory, marketing, etc.

To achieve even more impact, NCIF occasionally focuses its lending – along with specialized advisory services -- on particular sectors.  We currently have special programs for:  Energy EfficiencyLocal Food and Farming; Farmers of Color; and Sustainable Logging.

Here’s how to apply for a loan:

  1. Contact Anna Tefft, NCIF’s Director of Lending at or Phone: 336-734-6902 
  2. Application (DOCX)

** Natural Capital Investment Fund operates in compliance with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.**