RAS Talk Podcast

We started a podcast in 2020 as a new way to engage stakeholders and extend our work on land-based recirculating aquaculture systems. The podcast is produced in partnership with Annex Business Media, the publisher of aquaculture industry publications Hatchery International, Aquaculture North America, and RAStech. Freshwater Institute director Dr. Brian Vinci co-hosts the podcast with the editor of Hatchery International and RASTECH publications. Together they tackle the important issues in land-based recirculating aquaculture systems with prominent industry leaders. Click below to listen the most recent episodes.
January 14, 2021
RAS Talk hosts Mari-Len De Guzman and Brian Vinci talk about the year that was and the year ahead. From COVID-19 and RAS milestones to trends in sustainable food production systems and technologies, this podcast episode provides a rundown on the most important developments in 2020 and what to look forward to in 2021.

October 20, 2020

In this RAS Talk episode hosts Mari-Len De Guzman and Brian Vinci talk about the various aspects of investing in RAS. It’s an engaging discussion about investors’ perspectives in RAS technology and land-based aquaculture, the risks and the opportunities as well as their outlook on the sector.


Maggie Fried, Head of the Oceans and Aquaculture Investor Consortium, CREO Syndicate

Frank van Roest, Investment Director, Aqua Spark

September 2, 2020

RAS engineering and design specialist Marc Sorensen takes us through the history and evolution of RAS in aquaculture. Co-host Brian Vinci also provides his insights on the beginnings of RAS technology. In this episode, we get into the technical details of the why, the how, as well as the current and emerging challenges involved in designing and operating a recirculating aquaculture system.

Guest: Marc Sorensen, president, Sorensen Engineering Ltd.

June 12, 2020

It started out as a small RAS operation in his home basement, today founder Eric Pedersen’s Ideal Fish is successfully producing Branzino for the U.S. domestic market. We talk to Pedersen and Ideal Fish’s sales and marketing director James MacKnight about the company’s journey, its innovative strategies to reach the market, and its quest to educate the consumers about RAS-grown fish.


Eric Pedersen, president and CEO, Ideal Fish

James MacKnight, sales and marketing director, Ideal Fish

April 28, 2020

Women account for 70 percent of the world’s seafood workers. However, many of them work in entry level, low-paying jobs and very few are in leadership roles. Is the industry paying enough attention to diversity in the aquaculture industry? Is gender diversity playing a factor into the design of RAS facilities? What resources exist for women in aquaculture for skills development and training that will allow them to move into leadership roles? These questions and more are discussed in this episode of RAS Talk.

Guest co-host: Anna DiCocco, fish culture technician, Freshwater Institute

Guests: Astrid Buran Holan, head of innovation, land-based, ScaleAQ; and Christi Dimon, farm operator, Bluehouse Miami, Atlantic Sapphire

March 30, 2020

The aquaculture industry continues to face challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. From social distancing protocols to mandatory work-from-home policies, how are RAS producers managing the day-to-day farm operations in this new norm? This episode is a discussion on Covid-19 and the impact it’s having on RAS operations, with hosts Mari-Len De Guzman and Brian Vinci, and guests from New York-based Hudson Valley Fish Farms: John Ng, CEO, and Brittany Peachey, aquaculture operations manager.

March 25, 2020

As RAS operations across the world ramp up, it is increasingly important to effectively address off-flavour issues in RAS-grown fish. The research is available for effective mitigation measures and many RAS producers are successfully implementing these recommendations. Justin Henry, director of aquaculture at Habitat Life, and John Davidson, research scientist at the Freshwater Institute, discuss some best practices in mitigating off-flavours.


Justin Henry, director of aquaculture, Habitat Life

John Davidson, research scientist, Freshwater Institute

February 26, 2020

Podcasting from Honolulu, Hawaii, host Mari-Len De Guzman attended the Aquaculture America conference where she caught up with Kimberley Player, director of research at Portland, Oregon-based Equilibrium Capital. The company manages sustainability-driven real asset investment strategies and products for institutional investors. The potential of RAS for sustainability and financial gains is making it an appealing proposition for investors. Mari-Len chatted with Kimberley about the opportunities and challenges for investments within the RAS value chain. If your RAS project is ready to scale, this podcast episode is worth a listen.

February 11, 2020
Do you have what it takes to work in a RAS operation? This episode of RAS Talk tackles the current challenges as well as strategies for hiring the right people. Hosts Mari-Len De Guzman and Brian Vinci talk with Cristina Espejo, head of HR and ESAP (environmental and social action plan) at Atlantic Sapphire in Miami, Florida, and Kirk Havercroft, CEO of Sustainable Blue in Nova Scotia, Canada. These two companies are not just investing in the technology, but more importantly, they are investing in their people to develop a highly-skilled and competent RAS workforce.

January 22, 2020

All eyes are on Maine as an emerging destination for RAS development projects. In this episode, co-hosts Mari-Len De Guzman, editor of RAStech, and Brian Vinci, director, The Conservation Fund Freshwater Institute, explores the issues and developments at one of Maine’s RAS pioneers – Nordic Aquafarms. Guest Erik Heim, president of Nordic Aquafarms, takes us through the strategies and factors that led his company to choose Maine as the site for its proposed US$500-million Atlantic salmon RAS farm, as well as the challenges and lessons learned through the process.