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Presented live on November 5, 2020, this webinar provides an overview of regulatory guidance for selecting mitigation sites and the best practices used by bankers to select suitable sites for meeting mitigation requirements. The session also reviews the suite of site protection mechanisms needed to minimize risk and create durable and successful mitigation banks.

It is recommended that participants view Webinar 1: The Market & Regulatory Drivers for Conservation Banking prior to viewing this webinar.



Matt Gause, Westervelt Ecological Services (
Valerie Layne, US Army Corps of Engineers Institute for Water Resources (
Michelle Mattson, US Army Corps of Engineers Institute for Water Resources (
Deblyn Mead, Bureau of Land Management (
Clint Miller, The Conservation Fund (
Jeff Phillips, US Fish & Wildlife Service (
Veronica Rowan, DOI Office of the Solicitor (

Webinar Materials:


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