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This 8-part webinar series being offered from October 2020 – January 2021 is designed to provide an introduction to foundational topics related to conservation banking for endangered species and habitat recovery, as well as joint authority programs that mitigate for impacts to wetlands and streams.

In addition to addressing core elements of conservation and joint authority banking establishment and implementation, this series also covers in-lieu fee programs and other alternative mitigation programs. Field experts from federal regulatory agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the private banking community will be presenting each webinar.

Conservation banking is a tool to conserve endangered, threatened, and other at-risk species and their habitat that reduces risks associated with and increases the success of compensatory mitigation. Other benefits include:

  • Regulatory efficiencies for agencies, industry, project proponents, bank sponsors, and credit buyers
  • Increased transparency and predictability through advance planning at a landscape level
  • Greater economic incentives for conserving species that result in effective and sustainable conservation outcomes


This series is intended for anyone interested in learning more about conservation and joint authority mitigation banking. This webinar series is offered at no cost to participants. Registration is by individual webinar; click on the “REGISTER NOW” or "VIEW MATERIALS" button associated with each webinar below. To participate, you must have access to the WebEx webinar platform, high-speed internet, and the ability to connect to audio via your computer or telephone. Closed-captioning will be available for each session.

We encourage people to attend (or view the recordings of) all webinars to gain a comprehensive understanding of conservation banking and how all the topics relate to each other. It is recommended that viewers attend or view the recording of Webinar 1: The Market & Regulatory Drivers for Conservation Banking prior to attending any of the other webinars in the series.



WEBINAR #1: The Market & Regulatory Drivers for Conservation Banking

Presented live on October 14, 2020, this webinar provides an overview of environmental markets and the drivers for Conservation Banking as a market-based tool. Presenters outline what conservation and joint banking is within the regulatory context, summarize the required documentation for conservation banking enabling instruments, and provide an overview of conservation banking practices – past, present, and future – across the United States. 



WEBINAR #2: Banking Perspectives: The Business of Buying & Selling Credits

Presented live on October 21, 2020, this webinar provides an overview of the business of compensatory mitigation banking with insight into the risks that factor into the decision to sponsor a bank. Complementary to the presentation on the business of banking is a panel of private bankers and representatives from of credit buying agencies and organizations for a round-table discussion on current issues, emerging trends in credit supply and demand, and overcoming barriers to entering a market or using banking as tool.



WEBINAR #3: Setting the Stage for Success: Strategic Site Selection & Durable Site Protection Mechanisms

Presented live on November 5, 2020, this webinar provides an overview of regulatory guidance for selecting mitigation sites and the best practices used by bankers to select suitable sites for meeting mitigation requirements. The session also reviews the suite of site protection mechanisms needed to minimize risk and create durable and successful mitigation banks.




WEBINAR #4: Operation & Management of Banks: The Role of Mitigation Review Teams & Banking Partners

Presented live on December 2, 2020, this webinar provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the mitigation review team (MRT) and other banking partners during the instrument development, implementation, and management phases of a bank. Best practices on how active operations and management can minimize risk and increase the success of banks in meeting all mitigation compliance requirements are shared.




WEBINAR #5: Service Area & Credit Determination: Balancing Ecological & Economic Factors

Presented live on December 8, 2020, this webinar provides a nuts and bolts review of how the type and number of credits are determined for a bank and how the extent of the service area is determined. For each topic, case studies ranging from the straight-forward to the complicated are shared, along with lessons-learned and emerging trends from the field. Striking the balance between ecological and economic needs is discussed from diverse perspectives.




WEBINAR #6:  Long-Term Management & Stewardship: Roles & Requirements for the Bank After it Closes

Presented live on January 13, 2021, this webinar will discuss the roles and responsibilities of bank sponsors and long-term stewards in developing and implementing management plans and the stewardship funding mechanism(s) needed to ensure continued mitigation compliance. Topics will include cost analysis of long-term management practices, adaptive management, and key needs of the third-party land steward to adequately fund management activities in perpetuity.



WEBINAR #7: Alternatives to Conservation Banking (Part I) – Emerging Applications of Multiple Authority Mitigation

Wednesday, January 27, 2021
2:00 – 4:00 PM Eastern / 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Pacific

One of a two-part series on alternative compensatory mitigation tools, this webinar will feature a survey of emerging applications of multiple authority mitigation to support the recovery of species and habitats in new and exciting ways.



WEBINAR #8: Alternatives to Conservation Banking (Part II) – Programmatic Approaches To Mitigation

NEW DATE!  Thursday, February 4, 2021
2:00 – 4:00 PM Eastern / 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Pacific

One of a two-part series on alternative compensatory mitigation tools, this webinar will include an in-depth look at programmatic approaches such as In-Lieu Fee (ILF) programs and how they are different than banks and when to use them. The session will look at examples from across the country and discuss key lessons learned.

It is recommended that participants attend or view the recording of Webinar 1: The Market & Regulatory Drivers for Conservation Banking prior to attending this webinar. Live-captioning is available during the webinar at no cost to participants; to access please go to:

Shauna Everett, US Fish & Wildlife Service

Jennifer Oelke-Farley, US DOD Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Jeff Phillips, US Fish & Wildlife Service
Heather Richards, The Conservation Fund



All webinars will be recorded and uploaded to this website. Check back often for updates to session content, presenter bios, and accompanying session resources for download! For more information about the webinar series, please contact Katie Allen (

This webinar series is complementary to the annual National Conservation Banking Training Course tentatively scheduled for September 27 – October 1, 2021 at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, WV. Save the date and look for updates in January on the Upcoming Trainings page!


This webinar series is sponsored by the US Fish & Wildlife Service, US Department of Agriculture, and Federal Highway Administration with supporting partnership from the Bureau of Land Management, US Army Corps of Engineers, NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, and the Ecological Restoration Business Association.