Food for Thought: C&S Wholesale Grocers Makes a Commitment to the Environment

C&S Wholesale GrocersChances are, you’re a customer of C&S Wholesale Grocers, and you just might not know it. As the largest wholesale grocery supply company in the U.S., C&S supplies a supermarket near you with products ranging from seafood to soap. While C&S is making a big impact inside on store shelves, it is also making an impact outdoors by working with The Conservation Fund to address climate change and its forest supply chain by making investments in forests that result in healthy, resilient communities.


  • Address the company’s environmental impact in a way that produces tangible results.
  • Create a more sustainable forest-based supply chain.
  • Enhance the communities where the company’s employees live.


For more than a decade, C&S has partnered with the Fund to protect and restore forests in an effort to address climate change, create habitat for wildlife, engage employees and enhance communities. The company recently announced it would commit to a more sustainable forest-based supply chain. While C&S doesn’t use a lot of paper or make paper-based products or packaging, C&S transports large quantities of food and goods to its network of retailers across the country. Nearly everything it ships to a grocery store near you is stacked on wood pallets.

C&S worked with The Conservation Fund to measure its “forest footprint” for those pallets, and committed to offset a portion of that use by protecting responsibly managed forests. The timber sustainably harvested from these forests will help offset approximately 20,000 wood pallets. 

“The willingness of C&S to forge new ground with forests demonstrates the company’s leadership and commitment to a sustainable forest supply chain. C&S has made a significant and lasting impact in the protection and restoration of forests across America, especially in states where it has operations and employees.”

—Jena Thompson Meredith, Vice President, Business Partnerships, The Conservation Fund


Since 2007, C&S has contributed to the planting of more than 91,000 trees across 250 acres in national wildlife refuges in Louisiana, Missouri and Texas. Restoring these areas to their former forested glory benefits a range of animals like Louisiana black bear, American alligator and long-eared bat. Restored forests also help flood-prone communities within the Mississippi River basin by acting as natural sponges and soaking up excess water. Communities downstream of restoration areas not only stay drier, but they also get an economic boost resulting from enhanced public recreation opportunities.

Along the north coast of California, donations from C&S are enabling the sustainable management of Garcia River Forest. This 24,000-acre expanse of redwoods traps harmful greenhouse gases boosts the local timer economy, cleans water for downstream communities and shelters coho salmon, steelhead trout and Northern spotted owl.

Since announcing its commitment to protecting forest-based supply chains, C&S is helping conserve 8,700 acres of working forestland surrounding Success Pond in northeastern New Hampshire. Furthermore, with the ongoing production of responsibly harvested timber, the land will continue to support more than 20 local and regional jobs for loggers, truckers, foresters and road contractors, while providing timber to mills in New Hampshire, Maine and Canada.

C&S Wholesale Grocers’ commits to a more sustainable forest-supply chain with the ongoing conservation of Success Pond Forest. Located within the Mahoosuc Gateway Initiative, Success Pond is part of a broader conservation effort of 30,000 acres that includes protection of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail in New Hampshire’s North Country region, which is considered a scenic gateway between Maine and New Hampshire. Photo by John Van Hoesen.


Looking Forward

At C&S Wholesale Grocers, we make it a priority to give back in ways that make our employees proud and our communities stronger. We recognize that protecting the environment is a key area where we can make a meaningful difference. Our team is honored by the results we have achieved with The Conservation Fund over the past decade. Together with the Fund, our employees and business partners, we look forward to developing new ways to make lasting, positive impacts for conservation and communities across the U.S.”

—Gina Goff, Senior Director of Community Involvement at C&S Wholesale Grocers


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