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Lauren Fety
Forest Analyst
Olivia Fiori
Forest Technician
Whitney Flanagan
Chief Creative and Marketing Director
Mike Ford
Nevada and Southwest Director, Conservation Acquisition
Stacy Funderburke
Assistant Regional Counsel & Conservation Acquisition Associate
Monica Garrison
Vice President of Finance and Treasurer
John Gilbert
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Christopher Good
Director of Research, Freshwater Institute
David Grusznski
Program Director, Greenseams Program
Caitlin Guthrie
Associate Director, Conservation Loans
Reggie Hall
Director, Conservation Loans; Conservation Acquisition Representative for Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island
Joe Hankins
Vice President, West Virginia State Director and Senior Advisor to the Freshwater Institute
Kevin Harnish
Forestry Analyst, Working Forest Fund
Ray Herndon
Director, Central Gulf & Lower Mississippi River Region, Conservation Acquisition
Alterra Hetzel
Manager, Business Partnerships
Steve Hobbs
California Senior Project Director
Bill Holman
North Carolina State Director
Sarah Howard
Conservation Acquisition Associate, Central Gulf Region
Paul Hurt
Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary
Zhivko Illeieff
Online Content Manager & Creator