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Ann Simonelli
Media Relations Director
Kristy  Sitton
Loan Closing Specialist, Natural Capital Investment Fund
Evan Smith
Senior Vice President, Conservation Ventures
Justin Spring
Senior Project Manager, Conservation Acquisition
Jasmine Stammes
HEAL Coordinator, Resourceful Communities
Stacia Stanek
Senior Government Relations Representative
James Stanley III
Operations Technician, Freshwater Institute
Barry Stubbs
Conservation Acquisition Associate, Nevada and Southwest
Gary Sullivan
Senior Field Representative, Montana & Northern Great Plains
Wendy Taylor
Director of Strategic Giving, Development
Anna Tefft
Senior Vice President and Director of Lending, Natural Capital Investment Fund
Jena Thompson Meredith
Vice President, Business Partnerships
Scott Tison
Real Estate Legal Manager
Scott Tsukuda
Director of Operations, Freshwater Institute
Stacia Turner
Urban Program Director
Jazmin Varela
Associate Director, Conservation Services, Geospatial Planning
Hannah Vargason
Energy Project Manager, Natural Capital Investment Fund
Buck Vaughan
Director, Forestry
Brian Vinci
Director, Freshwater Institute
Gates Watson
Vice President, Northwest and Montana Director