Ryan Klausch


Olivia FioriRyan Klausch is a forester with North Coast Office based in Ukiah, CA. Born in Wisconsin, he developed his natural resources management and fire experience with the U.S. Navy in Florida and U.S. Bureau of Land Management in California. His current role tasks him with fostering fire resiliency and conservation strategies on over 74,000 acres of redwood-mixed conifer forest and oak savanna managed by The Conservation Fund in Northern California. A qualified Wildland Firefighter Type 2 and Fireline Resource Advisor, Ryan has attended workshops and trainings with Good Fire Alliance PBA based in Sonoma County on behalf of the Fund. Collaborating with other PBAs and local organizations, he plans to further expand our growing network of conservation professionals with fire training and experience on the North Coast.

Contact: rklausch@conservationfund.org   Phone: 262-865-7077   Office: Ukiah, California