Ruth Thornton

Program Associate, Midwest

Ruth ThorntonRuth joined The Conservation Fund as manager of the City of Ann Arbor Greenbelt Program, which protects open space, farmland, natural habitats and city water sources by purchasing parkland and development rights for open spaces in and around the city. 

Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Ruth moved to the U.S. to attend college, and has worked for environmental nonprofits and state agencies for 16 years.  Prior to joining the Fund, Ruth worked for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as a nongame wildlife technician and then as a regional scientific and natural area manager, managing native prairie areas.  

At The Nature Conservancy in Minnesota, Ruth worked with private landowners and federal, state and non-profit partners to protect native prairie. She also served as a project lead for TNC in West Virginia, overseeing its Watershed Assessment Pilot Program that prioritized areas for protection and restoration activities. 

Ruth holds a B.S. in Ecology from Unity College, Maine, and a M.S. degree from Michigan State University.

Contact:   Phone:  (734) 794-6210, ext. 42798  Office: Ann Arbor, Michigan