Remy Long

midwest program associate

Remy Long

Remy serves on the The Conservation Fund’s Midwest team as a representative for Michigan, where his work includes implementation of the City of Ann Arbor’s Greenbelt Program. As part of his work at the Greenbelt, Remy serves as the principal planner and strategist for the Lake Erie Conservation Partnership, a $15M conservation partnership between the Natural Resource Conservation Service and several Southeast Michigan conservation groups.

With the support of The Conservation Fund, the City’s Greenbelt has conserved a $72M real estate portfolio since 2005. As a result, over 6,400 acres of regionally important farmland and forestlands have been permanently protected in the Ann Arbor area.

Prior to joining the Fund, Remy worked for Legacy Land Conservancy, an accredited regional land trust based in southern Michigan, where his responsibilities as Senior Land Protection Specialist included managing all land acquisitions. His work has earned accolades from public and private partners throughout the Ann Arbor region at the local and national level.

Remy has a Master of Science from the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment, where his research focused on land conservation in Southeast Michigan. Previously, Remy served as an agricultural extension agent in the Peace Corps in West Africa, where his experiences with land disputes set in motion his career in conservation. 

Contact:    Phone:  (734) 276-8387   Office: Ann Arbor, Michigan