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Katie Allen
Director, Conservation Leadership Network
Will Allen
Vice President, Conservation Services
Dave Anderson
Mitigation Solutions Account Manager
Tatia Ash
Capacity Builder, Resourceful Communities
Laura Bailey
Project Engineer, Freshwater Institute
Nancy Bell
Vermont and New Hampshire State Director, Conservation Acquisition
Kim  Berns-Melhus
Minnesota State Director
Rosalind L. Black
Director of Finance, Natural Capital Investment Fund
Jennifer  Blattman
Midwest Conservation Associate, Conservation Acquisition
Justin Boner
North Carolina Director, Conservation Acquisition
Emy Brawley
Associate Director, Conservation Services, Midwest
Kendra Briechle
Manager for Community and Economic Development, Conservation Leadership Network
Holly Cannon
Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Margarita Carey
Program Associate, Conservation Leadership Network
Danielle Casavant
Senior Major Gifts Officer, Development
Mark Cason
Senior Government Relations Representative
Shanen Cogan
Senior Operations Technician, Freshwater Institute
Quinn Coleman
Credit Analyst, Natural Capital Investment Fund
TF Congleton
Eastern NC Business Lender, Natural Capital Investment Fund
Margaret Conrad
Capacity Builder, Resourceful Communities