Justine Post

Faith and Food Coordinator, Resourceful Communities

Justine PostJustine is our on-the-ground lead for a new initiative focusing on the intersection of faith, food and local economies in some of North Carolina’s most economically-distressed communities. She helps rural churches deepen their food ministries and strengthen community engagement through innovative partnerships and community projects. Rural churches bring a range of resources to local challenges – land, willing volunteers, commercial kitchens and more.

Justine provides capacity building and connects parishes with new partners and resources. She recently earned her M.Div. from Duke Divinity School and M.S.W. from the School of Social Work at UNC Chapel Hill. Justine draws on this training as well as experience with a growing church community garden that serves more than 60 families.

Contact: jpost@conservationfund.org  Phone: 919-948-6192  Office: North Carolina