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Sami Aboulhosn
Regional Counsel
Will Allen
Senior Vice President, Strategic Giving & Conservation Services
Tatia Ash
Capacity Builder, Resourceful Communities
Laura Bailey
Project Engineer, Freshwater Institute
Christopher Bell
Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary
Kim  Berns-Melhus
Minnesota State Director, Conservation Acquisition
Jennifer  Blattman
Midwest Conservation Associate, Conservation Acquisition
Justin Boner
North Carolina Director, Conservation Acquisition
Emy Brawley
Great Lakes Regional Director, Conservation Acquisitions
Holly Cannon
Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Margarita Carey
Program Associate, Conservation Leadership Network
Colin  Carroll
Forest Analyst, Working Forest Fund
Abhinav  Choudhury
Environmental Research Engineer, Freshwater Institute
Shanen Cogan
Facilities Manager, Freshwater Institute
Margaret Conrad
Capacity Builder, Resourceful Communities
Claire  Cooney
Senior Director of Strategic Engagement
Bill Crouch
Maryland State Director, Conservation Acquisition
Curtis Crouse
Research Support Specialist, Freshwater Institute
Erin Crouse
Project Manager, Conservation Acquisition
Brian Dangler
Senior Vice President, Working Forest Fund