Logging Initiative

The forest products industry is key to the vitality of many rural communities in Appalachia and the Southeast.

Many families depend on the income generated from forests for their livelihoods. Conversely, forests benefit ecologically when there are loggers around who can manage them in ways that minimize collateral damage to streams, wildlife, and non-harvest trees.

But these enterprises can’t operate without reliable, affordable capital; something that has become increasingly difficult to secure for loggers due to a variety systemic barriers.

At Natural Capital Investment Fund, we have a long history of funding a range of forest products businesses, from loggers and sawmills to custom molding shops and furniture manufacturers. And now, through our new Logging Initiative, we’re doubling down on our support for the industry by opening up a source of ready capital that can help loggers in the region obtain the equipment and working capital they need to succeed.

Want to learn more? Download the brochure: Appalachia / Southeast (PDF).

Loan Size:
  Up to $500,000
Interest Rate:
Loan Term:
  5 to 7 years
Who’s Eligible?
  • Professional loggers certified by the Georgia Master Timber Harvester Program, Florida Master Logger Training Program, or SFI trained in South Carolina or Ohio.
  • Maintain current business financial records throughout the year.
Eligible Uses:

Equipment or working capital investments.


Partner with us!

We are able to partner with traditional lenders, community development funds, and government credit-enhancement programs to participate in financing, which increases capital flow to forestry projects.

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