Fred Ford

Fred FordC. Frederick Ford is the Facilities Manager for the Freshwater Institute. In addition to his facility management responsibilities, Fred’s talent as a creator and fabricator of experimental systems and equipment contributes to the research quality and function of the Institute. His talents as carpenter and fine woodworker have been powerful aids to the Institute’s world of plastic pipe, fiberglass, silicone caulk and duct tape.

One of the first employees of the Conservation Fund Freshwater Institute, Fred has been with the Institute since 1988. In the years before the Freshwater Institute, Fred owned a construction business specializing in the preservation and rescue of structures built before the 20th century. Prior to running his own business, Fred held jobs in manufacturing, cabinetmaking, and warehousing.

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Mr. Ford testing a branch of the stream on the Freshwater Institute’s grounds

You can contact Fred at or at 304-876-2815 ext.201.