Our Approach

The Conservation Fund has a dual-purpose mission to promote economic development and environmental protection. Using market-based approaches, the Fund works with the private sector to provide comprehensive real estate solutions and sustainable technologies.

The Fund’s Freshwater Institute program focuses on water as a natural resource asset important to ecological function, cultural heritage and economic opportunity.

Applied Science

The Freshwater Institute has an internationally recognized research team of top scientists, engineers and technology experts that develop and validate solutions for the sustainable use of our nation’s water resources. We are committed to developing new knowledge and technology that will help communities, our partners and clients solve important problems today and in the future.     

Conservation Engineering  

Our staff have a built a unique reputation for integrating engineering, biology and conservation in projects on behalf of our partners’ needs. Standard engineering principles are wedded with biology and conservation in work that includes endangered species restoration, water conservation, habitat restoration and water reclamation. Core design work focuses on aquatic species mitigation and restoration.

Training and Education

Communication and transfer of knowledge is an important component of our work.  Freshwater’s scientists and consulting staff maintain a popular series of annual shortcourses and workshops where intensive interaction with peers and specialists can occur. We also maintain a busy schedule of staff speaking engagements, facility tours and consultations with stakeholders. Finally, our scientists are consistently recognized for productivity in publication of academic and popular press articles.