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At A Glance

  • We're working to green up Houston, Milwaukee, Chicago, Nashville and Los Angeles.  
  • We've trained more than 10,000 community and business leaders nationwide.
  • We support 250 grassroots organizations across North Carolina.

You know saving land is about protecting wild areas and open space. But conservation also impacts some of America’s most pressing issues: food security, reliable energy, available water, job creation, and livable communities. The Conservation Fund has pioneered a special brand of conservation, focusing on this whole system, for nearly 30 years. We developed our Sustainable Programs to support sustainable economic development, spark cutting-edge conservation and bridge connections between people and the land. Together, we’re advancing vibrant, healthy communities. 

We invite you to learn more about our programs and services:

Conservation Leadership Network

Walkway at National Conservation Training CenterWe bring diverse professionals together to forge conservation solutions.  Working collaboratively with community, government and corporate leaders, we connect regions, develop novel conservation strategies, and balance nature and commerce in ways that have lasting impact. Learn more >> 


Freshwater Institute 

Aquaculture research tanksWe’re a national leader in food sustainability. Over 20 years of research, we’ve developed a healthy, environmentally-sound system for rearing salmon, trout and other popular fish. Our work offers a foundational step toward addressing the crisis of global seafood shortages.  Learn more >>


Resourceful Communities

Resourceful Communitie ProgramIn North Carolina, we create opportunities that preserve the rural landscape, lift people out of poverty and celebrate the state’s unique culture. For more than two decades, we’ve built a foundation of innovation, collaboration and results-oriented initiatives that is changing lives and landscapes across the region. Learn more >>

Strategic Conservation

Houston, Texas skyline. We draw from our strategic conservation toolkit to help planners and land trusts make tough choices about which lands to protect and how to pay for them. Our team has the skills to help balance economic and environmental goals with clear-headed analysis and a commitment to a healthy future.  Learn more >>


Sustainable Efforts In The Midwest

mIchigan farmerOur sustainable programs in the Midwest tackle land use issues from food security and sustainable farming to flood management and green energy. We partner with local communities on conservation initiatives that protect land, enhance livability in communities and help develop local economies.  Learn more >>