May 18, 2016
This release was distributed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and published here with permission.

ATLANTA—The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized The Conservation Fund and Park Pride with the regional 2016 EPA Rain Catcher Award in the Neighborhood/Community Category for the Lindsay Street Park project in Atlanta, Georgia. The award was given at a ceremony during the EPA Region 4/International Erosion Control Association Municipal Wet Weather Stormwater Conference, in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Lindsey Street Park project involves the creation of a new greenspace through a community-driven process that focuses on environmental, economic and social justice outcomes that support a healthier and more vibrant neighborhood for area residents. Green infrastructure (GI) features in the park include a large bioswale and a series of rain gardens that help to capture, slow and clean stormwater runoff before it reaches the small tributary that runs across the park site. The new greenspace, and all GI components, were built in part by local residents who participated in a paid workforce training program. The project involved more than 30 partners, including grassroots organizations such as Community Improvement Association, West Atlanta Watershed Alliance and the Proctor Creek Stewardship Council. The Lindsey Street Park is a new greenspace serving as the first park in the English Avenue neighborhood in northwest Atlanta.

The EPA Region 4 Rain Catcher Award recognizes excellence in the implementation of stormwater GI practices. GI uses natural systems and/or engineered systems designed to mimic natural processes to more effectively manage stormwater and reduce receiving water impacts. EPA and its partner organizations have promoted the use of GI for many years as part of a comprehensive approach to achieving healthier waters. GI reduces the volume of stormwater discharges by managing rainwater close to where it falls and removes many of the pollutants present in runoff, making it an effective strategy for addressing wet weather pollution and improving water quality.

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